Northern Trail District

Commissioner Service

If you have been involved in scouts for a while and particularly if your Scout has moved on, commissioner service is a great way to keep up with scouting, continue to provide a valuable service, and make a difference.

A unit commissioner is an individual who is knowledgeable about Scouting in general and has first hand knowledge of the challenges which face new leaders. The job of a unit commissioner is more one of a mentor and sounding board for new leaders who are just getting started and need advice and encouragement. A commissioner is a representative; leading units is a tough job and having someone to look to for information, help with problems, and support unit health is valuable.

Other commissioner service roles include assistant roundtable commissioners to support all of the program-specific roundtable commissioners (programs for Cub Scouting, Boy Scouting and Venturing (with Sea Scouting, Varsity Scouting and Explorers). Roundtables provide units a place to meet and openly share knowledge and insight in support of operating a successful unit.

Commissioner service requires a minimal investment of time, but is very rewarding. If you think you might be interested in commissioner service, please contact our District Commissioner.