Northern Trail District

YPT Training Tips

HOW TO get a (Youth Protection Training) YPT Card – read this before you take the course.

  1. Register at Click on Create an Account. Afterwards, you will need to respond to the confirmation email that was sent to the email address you assigned to your my.Scouting account.
  2. If you are asked for “Council Number” select: “Circle Ten Council – Dallas, TX – 571”
  3. In the box for “Member ID” enter your BSA Member ID number from your BSA Registration card. If you don’t have a BSA Member ID number just leave it blank! It is not required. (You can also enter it at a later date.)
  4. Once logged in, you should be taken to the "News" page. click on the Youth Protection Logo on the right side of the page. It will take you to a new page with ScoutingU and a message from the Chief Scout Executive. Scroll down select "Add Plan" in the "Youth Protection Training-MANDATORY" box and click the “Take Course” link for Youth Protection Training under the General tab. Take all three parts of the Online YPT Course and take the test. There is a link to a guide to taking the course at the top of the page or follow this link:
  5. When completed go to the start page of (you may need to log out and sign in again) and select "My Dashboard." Verify that Youth Protection Training is completed in the lower of the two boxes and then you can print your certificate by clicking on the printer icon in the upper ("Youth Protection Status") box.
  6. Write down the date you take the course. (It can help you get a card later in case there is printer or computer error after you finish.)
  7. If you experience other problems before you finish the course and test – such as computer lock-ups, network freezes, etc. – try the system again. BSA regularly updates the software and glitches are fixed as fast as they are found. At times of peak use your may have to try multiple times! Remember – there are millions of BSA volunteers around the USA!

If you take a course without inputting your BSA Member ID number and try to add it to your account later in the My Profile section and receive an error that says: “The Council # 571 and Member ID you supplied could not be verified. Please try again.” Try these two steps: