Northern Trail District

Recharter Checklist

If your charter drops, it's very time consuming to re-charter, because you have to start from scratch. Don't let that happen, get it done on time.  Help is available, contact your unit commissioner or the district executive.  

It's not that difficult if you just follow the steps in order.

  1. Get Re-charter Password, here is how: Contact your district executive or your unit commissioner.
  2. Log onto the re-charter system: Recharter Site
  3. Print out current roster for your unit.
  4. Make list of adults and scouts not on the roster.
  5. Make list of adults and scouts on the roster who are no longer in your unit.
  6. Don't forget to include information about Boy's Life for each scout.
  7. Check status of YPT for each registered adult on the roster.  If not current have them take the online class.  The certification is good for 2 years.  Recommend adults retake YPT before the spring when most people’s certification will expire.
  8. Get new completed applications for adults and scouts not on the downloaded roster.  Include these with the recharter documents.
  9. Get the new, required, background check consent forms completed by all adults, 18 years of age or older. 
    Application Forms 
  10. Don't forget adults must sign two places, the BACKGROUND CHECK AUTHORIZATION (on the last page) and the ADULT APPLICATION pages.
  11. Make sure new adults have Youth Protection Training card.   A copy of the certificate or a printout from the training record on the MyScouting website is sufficient.  RECOMMENDATION: Bring ALL YPT and Background Check documents with you to the Service Center when you go to complete your recharter.
  12. Collect annual dues, re-charter fees and Boy's Life subscription fees from everyone in your unit.
  13. Log back onto the re-charter system.
  14. Add the new scouts and adults and delete the ones no longer in your unit.
  15. Make sure to designate each adult in the appropriate committee or leader position.
  16. Print out your new roster and paperwork and triple check everything, make sure you have everyone properly listed.
  17. Caution: You can't change data after the final submission!
  18. Make your final submission and print out the re-charter documents, 3 copies.
  19. Get re-charter document signed by all the required parties.
  20. Have your unit Treasurer make out a check for the correct amount.
  21. Make copies of current (within two years) Youth Protection Cards or training record for every adult, 18 years and older, in your unit who is not listed as having a current YPT.  Include with recharter documents.   Bring Background Check Authorization documents for all Adults (18 years and older).
  22. Submit completed paperwork to the Council office. 

Avoid these most Common mistakes

  1. Re-charter forms not signed
  2. Check for wrong amount
  3. Missing adult applications
  4. Missing scout applications
  5. Missing YPT documentation for new adults or expired training for current members.
  6. Adult applications not signed and or incomplete.
  7. Adult applications missing the consent form signed by applicant