Northern Trail District

Feel free to contact the unit commissioner assigned to your unit if you have questions or need some advice on scouting. These are experienced old hands who have a wealth of scouting experience to share.

Commissioner Roster

CommissionerEmailAssigned units
Armbruster Adam Michael P728, P894, P2054, T728B, T728G, T751, T778
Benyacoub, Zakaria P2054, P2060, T2021, T2054, T2060
Bloberger, Robert Steven T707, C728
Carpenter, Stephen C. C751, C890
Faulkner, Robert Alan T777
Hapeman, David Earl T437, T444B, T444G
Holden, Charles Stephen P437
Hutchins, Richard Wiley T86
McCollum, John William T81
McConville, Timothy Douglas P894
McKnight, Lynda Lou P871
Petsrillo, Dory Lynn Melman P1077, T1077
Reisinger, Michael John P895, T895
Robinson, Donna Lynn P435, P891, T435
Squyres, Robert
Tavares, Joseph P88, P893, T231
Terasaki, Deborah L P719, T19, C719
Voegtle, Henry J P473, P890, T890B, T890G
Weigel, Dennis G. P570, T570
Wells, James Andrew P751