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If you are looking for an activity, check  the current newsletter and/or the district calendar. Check below for commonly needed  information. If you still can't find  what you are looking for, contact the or a member of the leadership team

District Calendar

Current Newsletter

Check out the current newsletter here.  Here you will find the most recent information about activities and opportunities in the district.  Subscribe here.


Information about upcoming training may be found in the newsletter


All Roundtables, Cub, Scout Roundtables and Venturing Forums are normally held on the second Thursday of some months. Watch the newsletter and calendar for updates and locations. These events are for all leaders and parents in all programs.  Training, tips and information about all aspects of scouting is available.  Check the current newsletter or  calendar  for details.

Scout Resources

Don't overlook the Forms and Information page. You will find lots of useful information. The resource menu also includes information about the Circle Ten Camps, Scout Shops links to the Circle 10 Council website and the National Boy Scouts of American website. Google is your friend. There is an amazing amount of scout related information on the open web. Like any web search, it can turn up bad or incorrect information, so use caution and good judgment, but it's a great resource.

Volunteers are Standing by to Help!

Every unit has an assigned unit Commissioner.  If you have questions or need some advice about scouting, he or she is available to listen, offer suggestions and answer questions. If you have trouble reaching your commissioner, contact the District Commissioner, contact information found here


The real secret to understanding the scout program is to get training. A wide variety of training classes are available both online and in person. Training is not just for scout leaders. As a parent you will better understand the program and can then better facilitate your child's progress in the program. If you are not familiar with the scout program you will find the methods and aims of the program are unique. There is no obligation when getting trained. Watch the newsletter and calendar for upcoming training classes.

Subscribe to the Newsletter

We have a weekly newsletter which is packed with information about opportunities in the district for activities, training and more. It's designed to be quickly scanned. If you are not getting a copy, click this link and sign up!

Don't know who to call?

Check the District Leadership page for names and contact information for the district leadership team.

Need to find a scout unit near your home?

Northern Trail covers the same geographic area as the Richardson Independent School District. This includes all of Richardson, parts of Dallas, Garland and Plano.  If you need contact information for a unit,  the District Commissioner can get you this information.  

The Webpage allows you to search by zip code for units.

Commissioner Service

If you have been involved in scouts for a while and particularly if your Scout has moved on, commissioner service is a great way to keep up with scouting, continue to provide a valuable service, and make a difference. Continue reading

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